The essence of sheltie character is very special. Each sheltie is an individual and has a special spirit. These little dogs can feel and sense your every mood and feeling. There are some that you can look into their eyes and see into their soul. These are special beings and deserve to be treated as such in every way.

In this book I will look at the Sheltie in the usual way, as far as history, how the Sheltie developed, the care of and living with the Sheltie. I will go a step further and look at the whole Sheltie and why they are so special. The essence of Sheltie character is something that needs to be better understood.

I will have special stories of special Shelties. How they improve our lives and uplift our lives. Their unconditional love is a special gift to us. They cannot be treated in a way that the animal rightist says they should be treated. We will look at animal rights versus animal welfare.

I am passionate about the Sheltie and all aspects of his life, his spirit and his soul. I have been involved in the Sheltie world for thirty eight years and have experienced all types of Shelties. I have coordinated Sheltie rescue and have seen the damage we humans have caused to their spirit. The world has become such a throw away culture and now even animals are throw away. It is a shame and should not be tolerated
With this book I hope to educate, enlighten and inspire the human species to be more loving, caring and concerned about the Sheltie species that we live with. They give us so much and we truly need to learn to give to them as they do to us. .

There is a story about Maddie, a very special Sheltie, as a separate chapter in this book. Her special venue was to be conformation showing. She had attitude and personality that was so exuberant; it was perfect for the show ring. Aside from this she had tremendous character. I would sit on the kitchen floor and she would come over, sit in front of me, and just look into my eyes. I would look back into her eyes and you could see into the depths of her being or soul. You could read what she was thinking and at times it seemed we were both of the same mind. She was one of those Shelties that needed to be with you all the time. She was truly people oriented. She loved unconditionally, as most Shelties do, but even more so. She trained extremely quickly, as she was just so tuned into what you wanted from her. We were true partners. This is the type of spirit and character that almost all Shelties have but maybe not as extreme as Maddie. The attribute that Maddie taught you was how to treat each day as a time that is very special and how important it is to make the most of each and every day. She truly made you stop and think about the day. She made you realize what a precious gift the day is and you had no choice but to be thankful that you had this day to spend with such an amazing being. Yes, another species, you shared your life with and who had so many lessons to give. When you stop and think about it, this canine species, not just the Sheltie, but the whole species has done so many wonderful things for the human species.

Just think of the dogs that warn the human species of an impending seizure, they give warning so that the human can prepare for what is to come. There is even talk of the canine species being able to sniff disease that is beginning to take hold in the body of the human species. These are truly wonders that the canine species can accomplish.

When you live with your own special Sheltie you will experience just what I am talking about.